Amir Mortazavi

mortazavi amir

Director, Systems Engineering + Artificial Intelligence
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Amir performs multi-disciplinary system simulation, design, and optimization in GreenGen’s engineering group, which is responsible for assessments, solution design, engineering, and data analytics. He designs and optimizes HVAC systems, conventional and renewable power systems, and manufacturing processes along with their control systems to maximize system performance, as well as smart control systems for the buildings.

Amir has over 14 years of industry experience in design and optimization of energy systems. As an energy engineer at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi UAE, he supported the waste heat utilization project of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company group companies. Amir also worked at Twitter enhancing their data centers' energy consumption.

Amir did his PhD research at University of Maryland in two fields – waste heat utilization and robust optimization. The waste heat utilization research pertained to minimizing energy consumption during the extraction and production of hydrocarbons. The robust optimization research focused on how to design a system that is less sensitive to uncertainties in variables and parameters. During his PhD research, Amir developed two optimization algorithms for solving complicated problems that involved uncertainty and designed new power generation cycles and refrigerants for natural gas liquefaction plants. He co-authored the Handbook of Natural Gas Liquefaction, as well as several journal papers in the field of energy efficiency enhancement and robust optimization. His designs and process optimization methods have been published in several peer reviewed international journals with more than 350 citations.

Amir has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran, as well as a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland, where he was part of Center of Environmental Engineering (CEEE), Design Decision Support Lab (DDSL) and Institute of System Research (ISR). He currently serves as a faculty research assistant at the University of Maryland doing research on flexible optimization and machine learning.



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