Chelsea Cole

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Manager, Solutions
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Chelsea supports program management, financial operations, and project development at GreenGen. She is responsible for the project workflow and quality control for all of GreenGen's assessments and solution designs. She assists with the evaluation of each client’s unique investment strategy and business plan to ensure that GreenGen's proposed solutions and implementation strategy will maximize asset value and are congruent with the client's objectives. Prior to her role as Manager, Chelsea was responsible for performing facility audits and engineering energy saving solutions on behalf of GreenGen's clients.

In the past, Chelsea worked in various aspects of the field. From her experiences as a researcher in a chemical engineering lab developing organic solar cells to designing projects with architecture and engineering firms, she has been involved in both the technical and the design elements of sustainable energy.

Chelsea is a graduate of Yale University's Environmental Engineering department, and she is eager to continue to learn and pursue her interests in the field of sustainable energy.

As a student, she focused her studies on the intersection among human interactions, technology, and communication that is required to develop and implement sustainable practices effectively. As a culmination of her time on campus, Chelsea published her co-authored thesis on how change management was utilized to analyze and develop a solution for outdoor lighting systems on campus while engaging the student body to seek energy solutions of their own.

As a dual citizen of France and the United States, Chelsea was excited to intern for RFR Engineers in Paris, where she worked on an award-winning curain wall system. This internship culminated in an AIA NYC showcase of the curtain wall for which she developed the design to display the system's adaptability to various climates and worked on the engineering of the integrated PV panels.



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