GreenGen's six-step Energy Plan Development Process is the basis for every client engagement. We use it to work with you and your colleagues to ensure that the solutions we generate meet your organization's long-term goals and near-term objectives.

GG EnergyPlanDevelopmentProcess

The success of this process rests on these key elements:

Collaboration - The process will only yield significant improvements in your energy usage if all stakeholders participate. Your information and involvement is vital to making the right decision and implementing them effectively.

Iteration - The process is inherently cyclical. Once measurements are collected in final step, they naturally form the input for a re-assessment (first step) leading to further savings and efficiencies.

Refinement - Though designed to be implemented in a serial, step-by-step fashion, it is inevitable that insights will be gained or circumstances changed that make it necessary and beneficial to feed information back to earlier steps.

Embedding - Our process is not limited to our work together; it is meant to be deeply embedded within your own operations and be a model for how you achieve an ongoing state of continual improvement.

By engaging the people who maintain and operate the facility, we gain insights that help us identify solutions that will meet the needs of the operating personnel and increase the operating efficiencies of the facility.

Once we have agreed upon solutions, we meet with those with fiscal responsibility to define the capital investment required to achieve the projected savings. We pay particular attention to the project's return on investment, net present value, total life-cycle costs, and impact on the overall asset condition and value, as well as annual reduction in energy consumption and cost, greenhouse gas emissions, and potential incentives or funding mechanisms.

We measure energy consumption and analyze operational activities to develop facility-specific solutions. We also model the preliminary energy and labor savings, and project costs. After reaching agreement on the scope of the solution, a scope of work and contract will be presented outlining the final fixed cost and annual savings estimates.


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